board.gifThe Board I use is an Euroboard 48 split line board. 6 effect sends 8 groups and a lot of other things I don't really know how to use. I perfer mixing down through the board, not just the computer. Yea It might add a little noise, but I perfer the analog sound to anything else.


This is the Control Room. All cables are ran through the wall into this cosy little place. I am running two monitors, though the other one is in the recording room. I have ran a wireless conection to the recording room which alows me to control the recording from there. In other words I don't have to run from one room to the other when I am by myself.monitor.gif

amp.gifDon't know why I've always liked Crate stuff. Well I think my first Amp was a Crate, it sure looked like one ! I have two outboard effects for the guitar, a Boss something or another, and the Alesis Microverb. I don't use either one. I also do not use the distortion on the Crate either, I run through a Hughs and Kettner Tubeman Plus Pre Amp. I love the sound, clean, just a little edge, and blow your fucking head off distrotion ! I record the Guitar with the distrotion and nothing else, I paint the effects in later.

Effects, I use a variety of Plug Ins. Compression, Delay, and Reverb are the most used. Though I have some very good Simulators which are put to use often. Not to many effects though, seems to take away from what is really happening.